Do not envy the violent or choose any of their ways. For the Lord detests the perverse but takes the upright into his confidence. (Proverbs 3:29-32 NIV)

Our work may require stern demeanor. Some professions call for us to be assertive and decisive such as law enforcement, management or the military. These jobs carry the tremendous responsibility of protecting others. Young people aspire to these professions and our society looks to these groups with respect and admiration.

When our work calls for us to be aggressive, it should not be our desire to harm others. Our goals should be to correct and protect just as our heavenly father does with us. Even in an office environment there may be circumstances which place us in a controlling emotional state. People can injure one another with words as well as actions. For example, when a situation requires assertive communication we can do so with the intent of correcting, not injuring the other party. Inflicting injury for the sake of exerting our power abuses authority. It is a contradiction which God detests. When we pray and ask the Father to show us how to exhibit strength He will commune with us and provide counsel.

Prayer-Father I thank you for providing the perfect example of love, correction and protection to me. With your guidance and grace I pray for my workday and those whom I must protect. Help me to do your will. I pray for your protection and covering in Jesus’ name. Amen