As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17 NIV)

At work we may notice that people tend to group with those who have similar roles, interests or who share the same cultures. This may make work and break times more enjoyable. There are also groups designed to promote business and professional development. These relationships help to increase profit, knowledge and skill sets.

Personal development within the workplace seems to occur organically when we work toward professional goals. By challenging ourselves to learn new skills or to meet deadlines we change. We might become better and more confident.

As Christians, we grow professionally when we apply our faith to our work. It is an advantage. Finding a Christian colleague may be difficult but it is a worthwhile investment of our time. Once we befriend Christians who understand us professionally, we have someone who can discuss the unique situations which we may face in applying the Bible to our work. They will have a perspective which our coworkers may not. We can cultivate our friendships in ways which suit our work and lifestyle. We may have the ability to fellowship at lunch time, or perhaps just text message and phone calls. Whatever the case, we can make this a priority.

Prayer-Lord, I thank you for your word and I thank you for the body of Christ. Father I would like to connect with someone who can help me to grow in my faith and in my work. I would like to do the same for them. Please help me to find that person so that we may build one another in the faith. Amen