Fruit Tree

In a sales position I once held, I was required to complete lengthy handwritten credit applications for each customer. The application required supporting documentation including income statements, banking records and tax documents among other things. The training for this portion of the job was so extensive, that in order to go out to market and secure clients, we first had to pass a series of company exams. The process took several weeks. The credit application made the difference as to whether the deal would work. The successful approval of our client’s package not only had far reaching implications to our bottom line, but to theirs and every business associated with them. Eventually our company acquired the software which allowed the sales staff to streamline the application and obtain instant approval online. This advancement was received with excitement. The idea of being able to get instant approval for a client’s credit application held the possibility of increased sales and commissions. However, I remember being told distinctly, “garbage in, garbage out,” by our boss. He cautioned us that if we used the software to generate an approval which could not be justified by the supporting documentation it would be worthless. We would prolong the application process. Not only that, we could be looked upon as someone who was attempting fraud and would be dealt with harshly. The choice was ours. He provided us with the training and tools to become successful by building our reputations upon solid facts and integrity. Everyday people have the option of doing this or taking shortcuts. Manipulation of this type is not going to produce lasting results. The Bible tells us that when we apply integrity in our work, we cannot be moved.

No one can be established through wickedness, but the righteous cannot be uprooted. (Proverbs 12:3 NIV)

When we have a work we enjoy, and find ourselves with a good career opportunity within an organization, we should practice Godly behavior. This will form the stability and a network which will sustain our career. We know that trees and plants have roots below the ground surface. We don’t see this portion of the plant and do not understand the importance of the root’s functions. They provide structural stability to the plant, they store nutrients and are responsible for vegetative reproduction. Without healthy roots, plants will not thrive and they may die.

Our behavior, habits and practices in our work create root system beneath us which produces either a healthy or unhealthy plant. Godly practices such as being truthful, fair and virtuous do this (Phil 4:8). Others view us as having integrity, being dependable and trustworthy when God is involved in our work. This consistency produces a good reputation. Our practices make us stronger and improve our skills.

Dishonest and ungodly practices in our professional lives deprive us of several benefits. We fail to gain the knowledge and benefit of learning and growth in our work aptitude and skillset. This part of our root structure will not grow and secure us to the ground. Secondly, using manipulation or lying as a workplace practice kills our relationships. Others will not trust us and our professional relationships could suffer as a result.

Our workplace roots will flourish within the soil of godly behavior. The water of God’s word will nourish us and we will be established in truth.