The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all; (Psalm 34:19 NIV)

Everyone is susceptible to complications and problems at work. Even for the child of God, work life includes unforeseen disruptions and setbacks. Meetings begin or end late, there are technology issues, deadlines and service issues. We have protocols for addressing some problems, but not all of them. In some cases we have to rely upon good judgement and logic. When we encounter hindrances that keep up from completing our work duties, our frustration may manifest in anger and bad decisions.   In every situation Christians have extra help from the Lord. So in addition to employing the skills are resources provided to us in the workplace, we can pray and ask for discernment and the steps to eliminate the frustrating situations that come up. God is concerned about our day to day lives, not just the major emergencies such as our health or finances. It is reassuring to know that we have an advocate in Jesus even for the little things.  We know that he sits at the right hand of the Father and pleads our case.

Prayer-Father I thank you for you grace and mercy at work. I am dealing with a frustrating problem right now and I need your help and guidance to resolve it. Lord, please help me to glorify you in my attitude and behavior as I work through this situation. Amen