Professionalism Counts

  One of my favorite movies is Blast from the Past. In this film, a young man who was raised in a fallout shelter with 1950s values, is sent out into 21st Century California culture. His parents have taught him ballroom dancing, French, and perfect etiquette among other things. When his new friends ask him why he behaves the way he does, he states, “Manners are our way of showing respect to other people.”   In the workplace, professionalism is our way of showing respect to other people. It is a currency which can be traded across departments, cultures and conflicts. We build equity in our relationships with professionalism. If an occasion should arise in which we need or desire something from a colleague, our reputation as a professional will provide the grounds for which they come to our aid.   As a Christian, professionalism creates a foundation which will allow us to build our testimony. Our unsaved coworkers are likely to be more accepting of our personal viewpoint if they find us to be credible and fair in our interactions with them and others. We obtain favor with those in authority because we are supportive and perhaps easy to work with. Individuals who have established a reputation as being unprofessional may create a variety of obstacles for themselves. Using inappropriate language, being sloppy, rude or inconsiderate leaves others with the wrong impression. Others may resist working with those whom they consider unprofessional and may be leery of their integrity, [...]