You can’t clean the floor with a dirty mop, Missy!

“You can’t clean the floor with a dirty mop, Missy!” This was the sarcastic remark the restaurant manager, Warren, made to me as he rolled his eyes. At sixteen years old, working at my first job, it had never occurred to me that the mop had to be washed before cleaning the floor. I was totally clueless. I complied. I washed the mop, filled the bucket and proceeded to clean the floor thoroughly. Several weeks later Warren gave me a performance review.  Even today, more than 30 years later, I remember that review because it stated that I was “lasy.” He misspelled the word lazy, L-A-S-Y. He tried to write over the S with a Z. My 16 year old sensibilities and pride were offended. “I am NOT lazy!” I stated with raised eyebrows.  “…and if you’re going to call someone lazy, at least make sure you spell it right!” I thought to myself. While I lacked the experience and training of the older employees at the restaurant, I wanted to work there and knew that I was capable of performing well. This was a moment many teenagers, and some adults tend to blow. Somehow I knew it was a defining moment. I could lose my temper and tell Warren that he didn’t know what he was talking about and he didn't know me very well. Alternatively  I could receive his criticism and show him that he was incorrect in his assessment. I chose the latter. I accepted his correction, [...]